Wednesday, September 4, 2013

B.2 - Bam-wilder

Hello all! We've got an extra-long update in store for you today. Our first Disney heir (and my first sim period) will be attending University and I wanted to go ahead and get the whole thing out of the way in one go--so as not to bore readers or drag it out. But we've got a few things to get to before that happens. So, without further ado!

Queen Aurora managed to complete Bolt's portrait successfully, adding it to the Wall of Memories down in the basement.

And in the kitchen, Edward was having a spontaneous birthday.

EDWARD - Yay birthday!

AURORA - It won't end well, dear.

EDWARD - Aww, I'm ooooooold.   :c

AURORA - Told you so.

Ella came out to haunt that night, getting in a relaxing steam.

Aurora still puts out some of the most awesome faces. <3 I'll be sad to see her go.

But as with all legacies, the next generation must come. And speaking of the next generation, Bambi has invited over a very special guest! :D

MAIL-LADY - Special guest?! Why, I'm honored! Thank you so much!

. . . not you, mail-lady. -_-

It is, of course, his lovely girlfriend Jessica Shue, who finally joined him in young adulthood. She's 2 days younger than he is, I believe. Now part of the household, her stats are as follows ;

Jessica is a an Athletic, Daredevil sim that is Frugal, Good and just a bit Hydrophobic. Her favorite color is Yellow, she loves Mushroom Omelettes and prefers Indie music. Her lifetime wish is, unsurprisingly, to become a Superstar Athlete.

Once the friendship spam for Ask to Move In was finished, Bambi got started on the romance spam . . .

In order to move right to the engagement. Happily, Jessica was more than willing to accept.

Normally we'd go right into the wedding, but not this time! This time, Bambi has a powerful urging to attend University! (because I want to finally try it out, dangit). 

Thanks to his toddler days, he has at least 3 skill points in every musical instrument which netted him quite the catch of bonus credits in Fine Arts. Since there isn't any degree to help along a career Fisherman, Fine Arts it is.

Despite being an Athletic sim, I was quite surprised (and disheartened) to discover that Jessica didn't even have one point in the skill. Thus she'll be receiving no bonus credits and starting cold turkey in her Physical Education degree.

Also, I CAS-cheated her some freckles, because she NEEDed them. :P

With that settled, Bambi grabbed his suitcase from the magical pocket of inter-dimensional space and set off for University along with his fiance, with mama waving them off.

They've got a big difference in starting credits but by staggering their class schedule they should both reach the required 40 credits in 3 terms. Which means 2 terms for this first trip, and 1 term on a second go.

I tried not to take so many pictures because I'm sure most people are pretty much over the whole University experience . . . but as I said, this is the first time I've actually sent a sim there and--much like Bambi in this picture--I was pretty excited.   XD

Bambi and Jessica moved into a random dormitory, I believe it's called . . . Melton Hall? Maybe? At any rate, he got plopped down in front of the upgraded TV and started enjoying some Fishing Fracas.

While Jessica got sent straight to the upstairs gym. Work it girl! FEEL THE BURN!!!

In no time, our couple was joined by their six roommates.

Ah, random roommates doing random things. This became a common sight around the dorm. I don't think I'm a fan of showing the roomies' portraits in my panel when I can't even use it to find them or select them at all. I'd rather not be pestered with the sight of their yellow-red portraits that I can do nothing about, if it's all the same.

Soon it was time to head to the Student Union building for the meet and greet. Lookit Bambi wearing his wittle backpack!! :D

Jessica got caught in the all-too-familiar traffic jam while trying to partake in some freebies.

Bambi disappeared into one of the back rooms and scribbled all over a white board.

Then they discovered the wonders and joy of Juice Pong, and Jessica began a long and illustrious career of Juice Pong Grand Master. She never loses a game. :P This is also where I decided to have her work toward maxing her Jock social status, being a future sports star and all.

The health nut was not a fan of the nougat candy bar, unsurprisingly.

Bambi got invited to a random townie's bonfire pool party that night.

Predictably it was about as much fail as any other townie-hosted party. Bambi warmed his hands and Jessica poked at the fire for a bit . . . .

And indulged in some spontaneous streaking . . .

Before heading back to their dorm. They laid claim to one of the bigger upstairs bedrooms to share.

As a Phys Ed major, Jessica got this skeleton guy. I had her play around with it for a bit the next morning before class.

While Bambi gave his sketchpad a test drive. With that expression we can be sure he's churning out a masterpiece.


That's just . . . wow. I have no words. O_o

Some group studying. And as you can see, Bambi's masterpiece is on proud display. By the end of their stay here, Melton Hall will be covered in Bambi's impressive work.

On Mon, Wed and Fri they have rabbithole classes (1 for Bambi and 2 for Jessica) and then on Tues and Thurs they have a lecture class or a class where they use their special object.

Bambi got lectures first. I think his expression says it all, quite frankly.

Jessica watches in complete apathy while her skeleton does some freestyle.

I checked back with Bambi and found that he'd autonomously fallen asleep! Hey! That hurts your grade, buddy! WAKE UP!

I punished him by making him ask questions for the rest of the lecture. :P

After that day's class they headed out to the Bowling Alley so Jessica could work on her Jock socials. They were not the best bowlers. At all.

But it's nothing that some couch cuddles can't fix. Bambi and Jess make quite a cute duo, I have high hopes for adorable babies. I think you chose well, fans. :)

BAMBI - OMP, LLAMAS!!!!!!!1!111!

Very well, lololol.

Speaking of. We now have horses, chickens, all manner of minor critters and now what looks to be cows. Why don't we have pet llamas in the game yet?

Classes continued for the duo.

Mixed with the occasional extra-curricular activity. ^_~

On the weekend Bambi headed for the pond to work on the skill he actually needed for his life's goal.

Not a perfect fish, but working on the skill is fine for now.

The next day, being the weekend, Jessica decided to throw a swimsuit Juice Kegger party to get in good with the Jocks on campus. Bambi test-drives the new pool and toys his parents' fortune supplies toward the effort.

We also hired Tom Hanks from Castaway to work as our poolside bartender.

Once things got going, Bambi helped Jessica do her first Keg Stand.

Spoilers - he dropped her, lolol. No lasting damage was done though.

This guy here is her professor, but also a fellow Jock. So she's able to schmooze him for better grades AND more influence. Double win!

Meanwhile Bambi works on his tan.

Along with Juice Pong and Keggers, Jessica got really good at throwing a frisbee while at college. You know, learning the really important stuff.

I had them stop at the coffee shop once or twice to try out the Barrista Bar. Nothing especially fabulous about it, though I do enjoy the bagel options. Makes me want a bagel though . . . mmm cream cheese . . . .

What's this, you ask? This is a Jelly Fish that Bambi caught. Why is it in a bowl? because it's a PERFECT Jelly Fish! :D No special bait or maxed skill yet, but he's already catching perfect fish. That's mah baby.

We named this specimen Squishy. And he shall be my squishy. (Finding Nemo reference).

Just enjoying some breakfast together, enjoying the ambiance of more of Bambi's masterpieces.

That day was also report card day. As her expression would indicate, Jessica passed her exam with flying colors and ended the term with an A, even got herself on the Dean's List.

Bambi also got an A and a spot on the Dean's list. One of their roommates was not so fortunate . . .

With two terms behind them, Bambi and Jessica head back home for a brief break before their third and final stint at University.

And during the brief break Bambi managed to catch yet ANOTHER perfect specimen, this time a Red Herring. We named it Harriet.

He also made time to shower Pluto with luv and affectionz.

And gave his mother time to finish his portrait! Point!

But then it was right back to Uni. I want to get these degrees out of the way so we can get started on the really important things. Like babies. :P

This term we have a PlantSim roommate, and as luck would have it she's level 10 in the Jock group.



Study, study, study . . .

It's always nice to see that some things--like horrendous traffic jams--never change.

Though he has a heavier class schedule this term (3 classes on Mon, Wed and Fri), Bambi still finds time to get in some fishing. And thanks to an Immunity to the Cold, he does it in the middle of a snow storm while wearing short sleeves, shorts and flip flops. :P

Jessica however does not have the Immunity to Cold lifetime reward, so I have NO idea what possessed her to strip into her bathing suit and make a snow angel in between classes . . . .

Thanks to all of her Juice related activities as well as her friendship with Sharon the PlantSim, Jessica got high enough in Jock society to garner an extra trait. I chose the fitting Party Animal. I also took this opportunity to use some of her saved LTHP and replaced Hydrophobic with Vegetarian. It breaks my heart when they cry after a shower.   :(

Perhaps if this dormie would focus more on her studies and less on Bambi's--admittedly awesome--masterpieces, she might be able to pass her classes . . . .

The last term flew by compared to the others. Just before graduation, Jessica decided to have a proper send off via the Parteus Maximus statue, and threw a toga-themed Juice Kegger.

Bambi put on the MOST AWESOMELY APPROPRIATE toga I have ever seen. <3

Jessica (wearing a wig here, apparently) is assisted in a successful Keg Stand via her bestie, Sharon.

This picture made me order pizza in real life. O_o And it was delicious.

Bambi tops that off with some juice. MOAR juice!

Perhaps for courage, as he then asked Jessica to pose nude for a sketch. Being a Daredevil, however, she was happy to comply.


That is SO not what you were staring at while you drew, Bambi. Still, Jessica liked it so yay.

Report cards are in, and it's another set of A's for our reigning couple!

As the time winds down, Jessica says goodbye to Sharon. While Bambi says goodbye to the Juice Keg . . .

Then it was time for graduation at last! Bambi invited his family to attend. A random townie made sure to stand in their way as Aurora, Edward and Ben arrived on campus.

And continued to block Bolt and Belle once they arrived as well.

TOWNIE - My life's work . . . is complete.   :>

While graduation took place, this random townie decided to hold a protest. In a bathing suit. In the snow.

I think you have problems more serious than a broken heart, sweetie . . . .

But none of that matters because YAY GRADUATION! Bambi (and Jessica off screen) cheerily threw their diplomas.

And then it was back to Hidden Springs at last to get started on their reign properly. The perfectly precious Pluto was there to greet them of course. :D

Before we go, a quick spares update. Aladdin's youngest child Alice has reached child stage. :)

And that's it for this update! Join us next time for a wedding and maybe some BABIES! Until then, happy simming!

Generations - 2

LTWs Complete - 4

Portraits - 10

100,000 Simoleons - 2

100,000 Aspiration Points - 6

Skill Challenges Complete - 3

TOTAL - 27

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